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Chris and Helen Pellant


Earth Science-Natural History-Rocks–Minerals–Crystals-Gemstones-Fossils-Geomorphology-Weather-Climate-Plants-Insects-Animals-Birds-Landscapes-Horticulture

Skogarfoss, southern Iceland  A massive waterfall plunging over an ancient sea cliff, which is now several kilometres inland, due to sea-level fall in the last 8,000 years.

Our work  Over many years we have built up a wide-ranging collection of images covering the topics indicated on this website, and our picture library is constantly being extended. We have had numerous books and articles published,  many illustrated with our own photographs. Though our main publications have been in the field of Earth Science, we have also written on a great variety of natural history subjects.


Our services  We supply one-off, non-exclusive world use of images from our library at reasonable fees. Details are available on request. We are always available to take on writing and consultation work in the various fields mentioned.

All photographs are copyright C and HS Pellant.

Photographs are shown in low resolution.

Beadlet anemone.  A very common sea anemone in British waters, often found in rock pools as a blob of red jelly. This underwater picture shows the brilliant blue-purple rim spots.

Short-eared Owl.  A common bird of prey in Europe, Asia and North America, this owl nests on the ground, and hunts by day, gliding and soaring on its long wings over moorland and open country.