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Our collection of bird images has been built up over twenty years. We have concentrated our photography in Britain, especially the north and the coastal areas. The north-west of Scotland and off-shore islands are favourite photographic locations.

Gannet,  Bass Rock, south-east Scotland.  This magnificent sea bird has its main colonies around Britain. There are two nesting sites on the mainland coast; the rest are on small islands. Feeding gannets are a spectacular sight, folding their wings back and plummeting beak first into the sea from a great height.

Collared dove, North Yorkshire, February. Now a common bird in parks and gardens throughout the British Isles, it seems almost unbelievable that the collared dove only arrived here in the 1950s from eastern Europe.  Since 1930 it has spread northwards and westwards, breeding even in Iceland.

Lapwing on nest, farmland, North York Moors, June.  This wader is becoming less common than formerly. It winters on farmland and coastal flats, nesting both on lowland fields and high moorland. Habitat destruction and modern farming practice may be causing its decline.

All photographs are copyright C and HS Pellant.

Photographs are shown in low resolution.

Robin, North Yorkshire, December.  Often featured on Christmas cards, the robin is a familiar garden bird, often becoming very tame. In fact robins are surprisingly aggressive little birds and males sometimes fight to the death.  The females have the same bright colouring as the males.