We have a very wide-ranging collection of landscape images which also cover rural activities and country life, mainly of Great Britain, with particular emphasis on Scotland, Northern England, South-western England and off-shore islands. Our collection also includes images of various parts of Europe.

Landscape Photographs


Atmospheric and colourful, day-time and night-time, all seasons of the year.

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Kylesku, Sutherland, Scotland, October. Autumn is in many ways an excellent season for landscapes, with rich colours and dramatic skies.

An old kipper smoking house, Whitby, North Yorkshire, U.K., December night. This picture, taken by the light of a single street lamp, shows a building in the oldest part of the town which nestles under the steep east cliff, close to the harbour.  Fishing and related occupations have always been an essential aspect of life in the town, which was at one time an important centre of the whaling industry.  On the cliff tops stand the ruins of Whitby Abbey, home of St Hilda and site of the famous Synod of Whitby, 664 AD, which determined the method for calculating the date of Easter.

Vik Church, Southern Iceland, September. A small, red-roofed church set on a low hill above this sea-side village of around 400 people. The church is very typical of Icelandic churches, most of which are Lutheran.  Basalt crags rising steeply inland are old sea cliffs, from a time when, about 8,000 years ago, sea-level was much higher. 

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