Books we have written:


Rocks, Minerals and Fossils of the World (Pan Books, 1990)


Discovery Guide to Rocks and Minerals (Salamander Books, 1990)


Eyewitness Handbook, Rocks and Minerals(Dorling Kindersley, 1992)


Pocket Guide to Fossils (Dragon’s World, 1992)


Junior Nature Guide to Fossils (Dragon’s World, 1993)


Illustrated Guide to Fossils  (Dragon’s World, 1995)


The Gem and Mineral Collection  (Quarto, 1998)


My Best Book of Fossils, Rocks and Minerals (Kingfisher, 2000)


Rocks and Fossils (Kingfisher, 2003)


A Guide to Rocks (Field Studies Council, 2003)


A Guide to Fossils (Field Studies Council 2004)


A Guide to Minerals (Field Studies Council 2004)


1000 Facts on Rocks and Minerals (Miles Kelly, 2004)


1000 Facts, Fossils (Miles Kelly, 2007)


Fossils, a Photographic Field Guide (New Holland, 2007)


Rock Stars - Rocks, Minerals, Crystals and Gemstones, Fossils

(Tick Tock, 2008)


Rocks and Minerals, a Photographic Field Guide (Bloomsbury, 2014)


Fossils, a Photographic Field Guide (Bloomsbury, 2016)


Geological Structures, an Introductory Photographic Field Guide (Bloomsbury 2017)

Rocks and Minerals, A Concise Reference Guide (The Natural History Museum 2020)

Our consultation works includes:  Earthscope (Salamander 1995),

The Natural History Book (Dorling Kindersley, 2010) Treasures of the Earth, (De Agostini 1989-2005)


Articles we have written include:

Writing and Consultancy


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Butterfly Eye-spots

The Coypu

The Common Lizard

The Basking Shark

The Brown Trout


The Dotterel

The Hen Harrier

The Green Woodpecker

The Red-breasted Merganser

The Puffin


Bluebell and Snowdrop

Primrose and Cowslip


Guided Walks:

Scottish Highlands

The Lake District

The North York Moors


Death of the Dinosaurs

Britain’s Oldest Rocks


Mohs’ Hardness Scale


Fossils in Britain



The Water Cycle

Upland Lakes

The Soil




Clouds and Rain

Mist and Fog

Thunder and Lightning

Modern Advances in Meteorology

Effects of the Ice Age





Our Consultancy Work includes:

Earthscope (Salamander Books, 1985)

Mitchell Beazley Family Encyclopedia of Nature (1992)

Hutchinson Dictionary of Science (1993)

Wildlife Fact File Yearbook  (IMP, 1994)

Picturepedia (Dorling Kindersley, 1994)

Nature and Science Cards (IMP, 1995-6)

Spotters Rocks and Minerals (Dorling Kindersley, 1996)

Treasures of the Earth (Orbis, 1997-9)

Exploring Earth and Space Science (Brown Partworks, 2000)







Silver-washed Fritillary

Pollution, Steel Works, Cleveland, U.K.

Hardrow Force, N.Yorkshire, U.K.



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