Plants Our collection of plant images contains  wild flowers and trees, including many rare species. It concentrates on British and European plants, taken at all times of the year to show flowers, fruits, leaves and other features, and also the habitats in which they grow.




Insects and other Arthropods  Butterflies and moths, especially the hawk moths, feature strongly in our photographic collection. We have most of the British butterflies on file. Our photographs include flies, dragonflies, beetles, spiders and wasps. We have stunning images of whole insects, as well as very detailed close-ups of features such as wing scales, antennae and eggs.




Animals The large and the small, deer and seals to lizards and newts, whole creatures in their habitats and detailed pictures of their features. Our collection of images concentrates on the smaller mammals, reptiles and amphibians.




Birds  Portraits of birds in their habitats, close-ups of birds, many at the nest, and pictures of eggs and nests. We have a wide selection of photographs of sea birds in particular, and also a good coverage of garden and moorland birds, especially those of northern Britain.




Natural History Photographs


An extensive range of plants, animals, birds and insects, photographed both close-up and in their habitats.

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Great Skua

Swallowtail wing scales

Red Deer

All photographs are copyright C and HS Pellant.

Photographs are shown in low resolution.