For many years we have been travelling around Britain photographing wild plants. They are not always easy subjects to capture on film, and there is a great difference in technique between taking close-ups of individual flowers using macro equipment, and trying to capture a plant or mass of flowers in its landscape setting. As well as flowering plants we have many slides of fungi, mosses and lichens.

Natural History Photographs



Flowers, trees, lichens, mosses and fungi, in the landscape and in detail.

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Oxeye Daisies, Scotland, June. The viewpoint is all important in photography. Plants have many features which are translucent; their leaves, petals and stems will often allow light to pass through them.  By lying on the ground and pointing the camera upwards these petals are far more photogenic than from above, when in bright light they may look flat and washed out.

Lady Orchid flowers, Kent, U.K. May. One of the most beautiful of wild orchids, aptly named after the shape of the individual flowers. A tall orchid which may grow to over 40cm.

Rosebay Willowherb, North Yorkshire, August. Even common plants (and this one is frequently destroyed as a weed) have great beauty. The mass of slender, deep pink spikes shows up well against dark trees and a thundery August sky.

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Photographs are shown in low resolution.