Rocks The Earth’s crust is made of rocks: fire-formed igneous rocks with their beautiful crystals and textures; sedimentary rocks with bedding planes and variously coloured grains; metamorphic rocks, twisted and altered deep in the crust. We have a comprehensive collection of images of them all, both in close-up, as hand specimens, and in their broader landscape setting.


Minerals  The smallest fragments of geology are minerals. They are either chemical compounds, often beautifully fused together in stunning crystals, or single elements. Our collection includes many thousands of images of common and rare minerals, with crystalline and non-crystalline forms, as well as a fine range of precious and semi-precious gemstones.


Fossils  The evidence for the evolution of life is in the fossil record. Here, as shown in our wide coverage of photographs, are found simple single-celled organisms, plants, wonderfully shaped invertebrate shells, fish and dinosaurs.


Geomorphology, Weather and Climate  The landscape is shaped by the weather and climate acting on the rocks and by rock structures themselves. We can provide photographic illustrations of most geomorphological phenomena, from coastal cliffs and stacks to glaciers and volcanic forms. Pictures of cloud types, lightning, rainbows and a wide variety of meteorological effects are on our files.

Earth Science Photographs


Our collection of Earth Science images covers a full range of subjects.

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