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Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates of Britain and Northern Europe.


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We have a very wide collection of animal photographs: mammals, ranging in size from magnificent red deer stags to the tiny pygmy shrew, varying in life style from seals to bats; snakes, lizards and slow worms; frogs, toads, newts and salamanders; slugs and snails; crabs and sea anemones, and many more.

Common or Harbour Seal, Cornwall, U.K., June. This mammal is superbly adapted for life in the sea. Its limbs have developed into flippers, making it an excellent swimmer, and its warm-blooded body is insulated from the cold by a thick layer of fat. It can stay submerged for about half an hour, but has to come to the surface at intervals to breathe. The female gives birth on land, but out of the water seals are ungainly.

Long-tailed Field Mouse or Wood Mouse. A very common mouse in woods and gardens, often coming into houses in search of food. It is mainly nocturnal, and is active all the year round. This species lives in a complex series of burrows and tunnels. It is found on the British mainland, and many offshore islands have their own forms.

Adder, North York Moors National Park, U.K., June. The only venomous British snake, the adder rarely causes adult fatalities, though an adder bite may kill a dog or a very small child. It is also called the Viper. The dark zig-zag markings on its back and the V or A mark on the head are very distinctive. It lives on dry heaths and moorland, feeding on rodents, young birds, lizards and worms.

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